Month: December 2016

Does Budgeted Vacation Always Mean Compromise?

The answer is “No”! It’s just an assumption when we don’t want to stretch enough and exercise our options. A travel getaway is much more accessible than you think, the dream holiday you wished to take five years later, because you’ll have more money in your bank account may probably be possible this year itself. The time is right now, exercise your options. And researching can turn out to be great fun. To begin with, you can start following some hotels on popular social networking sites to stay updated on deals and offers. For example: clc twitter account. Remember those sell like hot cakes. Another way to stay abreast is to bookmark a few websites like

Tips To Bring Down Your Hotel Booking Expenses Before you look for a hotel booking, check for affiliations you are entitled to for being a member of any club or association. A press club, golf association, billiard association, lawyers/ bar association etc. These associations are well networked and you can book a room in them for a very small rate. The use of some exclusive credit cards also entitles you to exclusive offers that can be availed. This has an immediate impact on your vacation budget and will drastically bring down costs, plus such associations are known for their premium services. Explore also opportunities to stay in these associations as a guest of a member that you might have as your friend.

If you are adventurous and are not clueless about the place you plan to vacation in, you can land up with the best deals if you try bookings on the previous night of stay. The hotels out of sheer desperation to avoid rooms going vacant slash prices and sometimes those rates are such a steal! Keep in mind that there is a risk of you not finding accommodation in the last minute. So there are websites that now cater specifically to last minute bookings.

If you fill out your location, they zoom in on all hotels nearby with vacant rooms and steal deals. You can pick one just right for you. And this could be in a big hotel too. So you get what you want at a price that you want! Of course, think of alternative arrangements (look up other budget accommodations or home-stays you can book with 24 hour notice) in case you are unable to get any offers that day.

Use payment modes that involved cash back or credit card reward points. Accumulate your points for future stays. A little trick is also to book a room whose rate isn’t the highest. Upon reaching there seek an upgrade because you were not satisfied with the room. If they have a room free, they will ensure your satisfaction. Alternately, you can inform them that it’s for a special occasion so that they give you the best possible room for it. Another way is to show up exactly at the specified check-in time. If in case, the room is not yet ready for you, the hotel offers you a room upgrade.

If you have ample patience to find out when the prices are knocked down in a day for a hotel, then that’s great. But there are also online services you can subscribe to who do just that and notify you as to when it drops, so you can book the room at the lowest price.

So there, you really don’t have to shell out all that you have to book fancy rooms and you don’t have to compromise, if you exercise due diligence!

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