Month: May 2017

Methods To Tan Rabbit Hides

The Lost Ways SurvivalCrackas has talked in great length about the ways of tanning a rabbit hide. The benefits and uses of tanning hides have also found a place in some vital articles on When it comes to tanning of the hides of a rabbit, you must know that it is the last part of a larger scheme of things. In most cases, a person will think about tanning the skin of an animal only when the other parts of the body have been used to fulfill some other purposes. It is prudent to ensure that all the parts of the body are used. There is no point in throwing away any part of its body. Tanned skin of a rabbit has several uses.

Skinning of a rabbit is the first part of tanning it. It is a widely accepted fact that unless and until you skin a rabbit, you will find it very tough to tan the rabbit. Skinning of the rabbit is not a very easy task. It will require a fair lot of skill. Before you attempt skinning, you must find out about the exact method and technique that can be used here. Lack of info and skill is a major impediment. Please overcome these impediments before you make an attempt. You may ruin the process of tanning if you fail to skin the rabbit in an effective and smart manner.

People with real skills and expertise will advise you that if you try to peel the skin, then it will be fairly easy to skin the rabbit. Cutting of the skin is not at all the right way to take things forward. It may have multiple unwanted issues which will cause a decrease in quality of tanning. Once you have skinned the rabbit, you must move ahead to the task of preparing the skin for tanning. Please bear in mind that it takes a very long time for the whole process to be completed. So, do not start the process unless you have a lot of time in your hand. Trying to make the process quick and speedy may depreciate the quality of the outcome.

In preparation for tanning, you must attempt to soften the skin. It can be done by keeping the skin in a water bucket for a long time. It is of a lot of significance that you change the water in the bucket at decently regular intervals. This will allow the skin to soften in a proper manner. The speed of the softening will also increase by a fair margin.

There are multiple methods by which you can tan a rabbit’s skin. But all of these methods can be used only when the skin has softened. The skin must be fit for the purpose of tanning. It will be prudent and logical to find out as much as you can about these methods. Usage of water and alum for the purpose of tanning is one of the most widely used methods. You may opt for this method if you find it practical.

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